What you focus on grows

Slowly I turn the focus ring to get a good shot of the ruins of of an old building and as I turn, the image sharpens. Click. Picture taken. I look around the building and see the extreme damage the earthquake had done to it. As I return home that day, I browse through my … Continue reading What you focus on grows


A fight I will not lose

It is a battle we are in With neither of us wanting to give in You made me think I am winning Only to realise you tricked me to losing You swore to me of your loyalty But now all I know is of your dishonesty Lies after lies Your sweet but empty promises I … Continue reading A fight I will not lose


‘You look pale,’ mum says to me. Creases form on her forehead, she looks at me with concern. ‘Look,‘ she says as she turns me to face a full-length mirror. In it, I see a girl. Her face white as powdered snow. She looks ever so fragile and frail. Like a porcelain, you would worry that … Continue reading Engaged

A Just Leader

I stand in the thousands of crowd. My heart beats fast as I hear the faint sound that indicates the arrival of His Majesty. As I think of our leader who has ruled with justice, kindness and love, one who fears Allah SWT who would do what is right no matter what others say, it … Continue reading A Just Leader


I search the whole world for a love so true, Only to have knives thrown at me, And it cuts me right through I searched for love in the crowds of people, I searched for one who stays through thick and thin, Only to return, disappointed, appalled, As they pushed me away and told me … Continue reading Love


I stare at my paper. The word neatly written, line by line. Equally spaced, keywords and main points I should remember are nicely highlighted. A minute pass then another. The words starts to blur as my mind takes me to a different world. I am sitting on a fluffy cloud, enjoying the breathtaking view of … Continue reading Zahra


  I close my eyes and breathe in the air. Fresh. The icy cold breeze blows gently caressing my face. I open my eyes to see the sun just rising up. ‘Alhamdulillah’, I whisper my gratitude to my Lord. The land stretches far to the horizon where the sun meets the grass. A few feet … Continue reading Dandelion