Islam is the way of life. Some may have understood this Deen as a list of dos and donts. And is applied only in certain aspects of life. My understanding of Islam being a way of life came to light in about five to six years back. Like a person sailing in a pitch black night without even the shine of a single star, I was lost in the vast ocean. And out of nowhere, a light is shone down upon me. The source coming from a lighthouse and it guided me through to get to my destination. We are just like that sailor. Sailing to get to Jannah. But how are we to get there if we are constantly in the dark and unable to see where we are going? Allah, the Most Merciful has blessed us with Islam and it comes to cast light upon our souls.

Islam is not down to a set of du’as we recite before/after eating, sleeping, etc but it encompasses everything. From the moment we wake up until the moment we close our eyes. Islam provides a guidance for our daily life activities. Islam is not down to just the five pillars but it tells us how to live life – from how to take care of one’s self, how to communicate with others, our relationships with the community and more. Islam is indeed a complete way of life.


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