“Mistakes are expensive nowadays,” she replied when I offered her my financial support. She made a mistake which costs her $75 as she needed to repay the owner of the car upon the damage that was done. Her reply left me speechless as I recalled a moment that happened a few years ago..

We are sitting in the living room, chit chatting over God-knows-what. Women can talk about so many things even just in one minute. I sit in the corner and rest my back to the wall, merely being around my friends but my mind is far from their conversations. Voices babble heavily like a gushing river. I couldn’t keep track.

We are having dinner at my friend’s house, Adriana. She has two lovely kids. Aisha and Arissa. Aisha is four years old and Arissa is only two. It melts me away to see them smile, enjoying their time with one another. Even over their simple toys. Sometimes life greatest pleasures are in the simplest of things, isn’t it? They look adorable. Their cheeks blush red as they laugh. I fumble for my phone in my bag to check for any messages when suddenly I heard Arissa scream. I look up and see that she is trying to grab a toy that is in Aisha’s hand. She pulls Aisha’s hair and Aisha let a ferocious piercing cry.

The conversation stops immediately. For a few seconds, everyone freeze in their position as if a strong icy wind has blown over them. Now all the attention is on the two girls, who has mine all along. Their mother rushes to both of them, taking Aisha into her arms. Adriana caressed her on the part of her head that is hurting. Arissa sit on the floor, crying despite having the toy she fought for earlier. Tears streaming down her cheek. Adriana inch closer and take Arissa into her arms, both of her daughters now with her.

And then, something happened. A lesson that.. I will never forget for the rest of my life. Arissa reaches out her tiny hands to caress her sister. Aisha’s sobs slowly dies, her breathing calm. Arissa look into the eyes of her sister and said, “Sorry”. It is indeed a simple word but the sincerity seeps into my heart and it is how Aisha accepts it that makes me truly reflect.

After ensuring they are both okay, Adriana tell them to go play again together. I continue to watch them, afraid they will get into another fight. Ready to take one of them into my arms, should they start fighting again. They play and laugh as if whatever that has happened never really.. Happened. And that, touches me deep in my heart. I am moved by their ability to forgive and forget. I am moved by their ability to love despite the pain they went through. I am amazed by their ability to heal over a short period of time. I am simply left speechless because come to think of it, as we grow up these days, mistakes are now expensive. Now tell me. Isn’t it?

We treat mistakes like a huge debt that someone owes us. Even when a friend or a family member did a small mistake, we take it hard on them. We do not talk to them for days, we let them regret but we never forgive. Sometimes we even break the relationship just because of one mistake, forgetting all the good they have done for us. All the kindness and love they have shown us. We made them pay a very high price.

Sometimes we just need to let ourselves be like those little girls who heals quickly, who forgives and forget easily, who loves tremendously. It takes a very strong person to be able to forgive. A forgiveness purely done to seek Allah’s pleasure. For Allah, Al-‘Afuww, Al-Ghaffur, has forgiven us for so many of our mistakes and sins.

To all the loving souls out there, I am sure deep within you is a heart that wants to forgive, a heart that wishes to forget, a heart that longs for healing. Yes, perhaps it is hard because we have not done it for so long. We forget how it is like to be like those little girls. But Allah will help, so long as we want to help ourselves.

“..Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves..” Surah Ar-Ra’d:11



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