My Dear Sister

My dear sister,

How are you? I – I know you probably can’t hear me now but I want to tell you that, your name is all I hear these days. Before you left, they mentioned you and I never really knew you, never knew what you were going through. So I took things just lightly.

Days passed.

And one day.. I woke up to pray fajr. I fumbled for my phone under my pillow and I – I found out that you have left. You left me. You left all of us. I was shocked and I regretted how I never really prayed for you.

I have known a lot of others and our friendship usually begins with me, well, meeting them. But with you, it was entirely different. I began to know you when your body was already buried deep down in the ground. With others, my love grows the more time I spent with them. But with you, it was again entirely different. My love grows for you when your time has stopped.

I walked this earth, hoping and praying that our friendship though it has just begun without me ever seeing your face or you seeing mine, I pray that.. the first time we meet will be in His Jannatul Firdaus.

I love you, my dear sister.

Rest well. I will see you, soon. InsyaAllah.


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