Dream (Part 2) 

“Thanks, uncle!” I say as I am about to leave the bus. I turn around the block and go straight up to my house. As I open the door, I am welcomed by an aroma of freshly baked cookies. I smile. It has been a while since she made this for me. I throw my bag on the couch and find her in the kitchen. The woman who means the world to me. The one who holds it together from falling apart.

“Ummi!”, I say and plant a kiss on her cheek. “Mmm. Smells good.”

She laughs. “Yes, your favourite. Strawberry chocolate chip cookie,” She hands me one and I grab it. I take my first bite. The chocolate chip is still molten and it melts in my mouth.

“Yummy. I can eat this all day,” I say with my mouth full. This is it. This is a moment where my heart feels at peace and no matter what happens in school, she turns my world right back to how it should be. Happy.

I scan the room and noticed the trash is filled with crumpled aluminum foil. No doubt that is the source of the slightly burnt smell. Overly baked cookies. I don’t know why but mum seems to be a lot forgetful lately. She keeps misplacing her keys. She sometimes forgets she did the laundry just a few minutes ago. She leaves her cookies in the oven and forget about it. Only to remember she was baking when she smell the burnt cookies. My heart heaves. Mum is getting old, I thought.

“How was school, my dear?” She asks, interrupting my thoughts.

“School was okay. We are having revision week soon. So I can stay at home all day.” I smile teasingly because I know I can be with her. I have not always been the type who hangs out with my friends, so a day staying in is definitely a pleasure especially knowing that Adam and his gang won’t bother me here at my place.


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