Dream (Part 3)

Today is the first day of the final year exams. In a few weeks, everything will be done and over with. My stomach twist. I am not sure why but I feel nervous. Not that I never get nervous when I sit for my exams but this feeling is a little too strong than the usual. I wince as I feel something pierces into my palms. I look down only to realise that my hands are clenched, my sharp nails digging into my skin. I release it and the pain gradually decreases.

“Alisha?,” Mum opens the door slightly and peek to see me. I must have been standing here for quite some time that she has to come and check on me.

“Ummi..,” I turn to face her, trying to hide my nervousness.

“Aw, dear. What’s wrong?,” She asks and caress my cheek.

“I don’t know but I am nervous..,” I tell her truthfully. My heart beats harder. I know this final year exam is very important as it decides my future, my career. Dad would be proud to see how far I have gotten now. He would be the first one to stand and clap when I come to the stage for the prize presentation every single year. I can’t afford to fail him, and mum too.


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