Dream (Part 4)

I step out of the exam hall and sigh in relief. That wasn’t so bad, I thought. I walk to sit by one of the benches, ignoring my friends who are busy discussing the paper we just had.

“Alisha!” I roll my eyes at the voice but decided to face him.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Adam,” I say before he could ask me about the exams. Gary stands beside him with the same mischievous smile that reminds me of his evilness.

Adam was about to open his mouth when a car honked at them. Tia and Hawa. He turns to me. “You know what, you are lucky this time.” They leave and drive off.

I sit on the bench and wait for mum. Mum prefers to pick me up during exam season so as to save me from lingering around school, doing nothing for a few hours. I check my phone for any messages. None. She must be driving. An hour passed and the sun rises higher. Its light shimmers off the parked cars. I glance at my watch, it’s almost 12pm. I wonder where mum is. Maybe she misplaces her key again, I thought. There are only three students left. The twin siblings and me. 15 minutes later, I hear the purr of a car coming. I almost stand, thinking it’s mum when the sight of an Audi car disappoints me. I am starting to feel uneasy and that is when my phone rings. A number I don”t recognise but something tells me to answer it.

“Um, hello?,” I say.

“Assalamu’alaikum. May I speak to Alisha?,” his voice was deep and full of urgency.

“Wa’alaikumsalam. Yes, speaking,” I reply.

“Are you Maria’s daughter?” My heart lurched at the mention of my mother’s name. My blood pulses so hard that it rings in my ear. He speaks with authority and a tone so formal. I wonder who he is.

“Yes, that is correct,” I answer firmly, trying not to stammer.

“Okay, dear,” He softens. His tone was still formal but it was also laced with concern.

“I am Dr Ahmad. I have your mother with me in the hospital. It is quite a story,” He pauses as if to decide whether or not to tell me what exactly happened. Then he continues.

“I will explain to your later, insyaAllah. I am afraid I will need you to come here the soonest. Your mother has arranged for your sister to pick you up. She will be there very soon,” The world spins beneath my feet. My head throbs so much that I cannot think of a word to say. My breath catches in my throat.

“Alisha?” The doctor calls.

“Y-yes, doctor. Thank you,” I hold the pole closest to me to prevent me from crumpling to the ground. I shut my eyes, trying to make sense of what he said.

“Okay then. I will see you, insyaAllah,” he confirms.

“Yes, insyaAllah,” That was all I could say.


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