Assalamu’alaikum and hi!

I was reading How To Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern. And I came across something which really got me thinking.

“My sister Brenda said I was more interested in the idea of writing a book than actually writing it, because if I really wanted to write, I just would, every day, by myself, for myself, whether it was a book or not. She said a writer felt compelled to write whether they had an idea or not, whether they had a computer or not, whether they had a pen and paper or not. Their desire wasn’t determined by a specific pen brand or colour or whether their latte had enough sugar in it or not – things that were distractions and obstacles to my creative process whenever I sat down to write. Brenda often came out with pathetic insights but I feared that for once her observation of me might be true. I wanted to write, I just didn’t know if I could and if I ever made a start I was afraid I’d discover that I couldn’t.”

It hits me hard because I have been surveying for good laptops thinking to myself that once I get my hands on the one that I am eyeing for, well then I know I will start writing. Not merely a post but a book! But I guess I have been lying to myself. It made question my own intention. Do I really really really want to write a book? I couldn’t even update this blog consistently. Which truly begs this question,

Why do I want to write?

Time for me to reflect.




The lady in green hijab



2 thoughts on “Write!

  1. rayyanislam says:

    “I hate writing – I love having written” (quote)

    “The worst thing you write is BETTER than the best thing you did not write” (another quote)

    Hehe.. let’s WRITE more this year, bi idznillah!


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