Keep Calm

I stare at the road ahead, driving slow along the high way. Too weak to press harder on the pedal. I will reach my destination anyway. But feeling weak isn’t the main reason for my slow driving. It was what happened the night before that made me realise, sometimes slowing down (physically – be it driving, walking, just simply doing things slowly) helps to calm the mind. Rather than trying doing it all in a rush.  


I was in the car with Nut that night. She picked me up at my house and we went out to meet some friends for dinner. My watch shows 7.00pm. And the dinner is at 7.00pm. Right. We are late. I am one who doesn’t like being late especially when it involves someone else waiting at the end. Knowing I am late can make me panic and I would rush to do everything. I guess trying to keep calm at times like that is a challenge for me. 

But as I was in the car, there was something that calms me. The way she talked about random things and.. And especially the manner in which she drove. She drove slow and wasn’t in a rush to take over cars in front of her. She kept.. Calm. And that, calms me. 

It made me think. There are times when you know you have so much to do, you tried to give your best. Be on time. Meet the deadline. Anything. But when you know you have given it your best and that there is nothing much you can do as the time has passed, perhaps the best thing to do is keep calm and carry on. Funny but I never thought I would actually say that. All those keep calm quotes but you know what, hey it does help someone like me a lot.

So.. Dear me, keep calm and carry on. 

P/s: But that doesn’t mean you should purposely try to delay things until the last minute! 


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