An Act of Kindess

I sit alone, outside the sports hall. To my left is the football field and ahead of me, the door leading to the sports hall. And from where I sit, I can hear the screeches of their shoes as they jump, run and catch the ball. Each player dancing in the court and I can hear one distinct shout, always asking for the ball.

“Now now now!,” as she urges the player to pass to her.

I smile. Each and every one of them plays awesome in their own way. I wanted to watch but I choose to sit outside as I need to finish up my pending work. I didn’t realise the time but I hear the whistle being blowed twice. Game’s over. I lift my head from my laptop to see them coming outside to get  some fresh air.

I watch them cool down, talking about the game though I could not hear the word they say. My eyes fixed on them for a while. What I feel is difficult to describe.. It is more than feeling awed at these individuals. Sigh. An inexplicable feeling. Positive though, of course. I shake my head and continue to do my work.

“Hey,” a soft voice greeted me.

I look up to see a lady smiling at me. It is a genuine and sweet smile that the warmth just flows through me.

“Oh hi,” I say with delight. Her eyes glitters with excitement.

She sits to chat with me. We chat about random things – work, spoken word, blogs. It was just a quick chat but it makes me.. happy. I guess it is because I feel so welcomed by her, knowing that their game isn’t really my game and it wasn’t really my place to be there. And I guess I was tired with work and everything that the random act of kindness she showed me – going out of her way from the rest of the team, approach me who is sitting in the corner all alone, doing work.. It means a lot.

And it reminds me of a hadeeth where the Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Do not belittle any good deed, even meeting your brother (Muslim) with a cheerful face”.

Dear friend, you may not realise the impact it gave me but thank you. Thank you for being kind to me. Thank you for making me feel better. Sometimes a few kind words and a smile is just what a person needs. Alhamdulillah (All praises is due to Allah).




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