I stayed up that night with the drugs in my hands. One I held on tight because it is this that helps me escape from reality. It is this that numbs my pain and it is that helps me breakaway from the world for a little while. I continued to consume it until there is no more left. When that is finished, the pain within me slowly resurface. I put my head in between my knees and my heart screams a silent but piercing cry. It pierced right through my soul. I squeeze my eye shut trying to think of a way to numb the pain. If this can continue forever.. As I racked my brain for another drug, I thought of something. Something I have not done for quite some time. Something I did when I was so low in the previous year. I rummaged my bag for it and I saw what I need. I did what I had to do. I tried to draw trust on paper and end up drawing this,


P/s: Books are my drugs and art.


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