I close my eyes and breathe in the air. Fresh. The icy cold breeze blows gently caressing my face. I open my eyes to see the sun just rising up. ‘Alhamdulillah’, I whisper my gratitude to my Lord. The land stretches far to the horizon where the sun meets the grass. A few feet to my left is a huge tree. Its roots firmly planted, its trunk three times the size of a truck tyre. It makes it look like its supporting the rest of its weight effortlessly. ‘Strong and immovable’, I thought. Even in the worst of weathers. I want to be just like that. Strong and immovable through the storms and hurricanes. Through the trials and tribulations. Just like that tree.

I bend down to a crouch, my hands reaching for a dandelion. Just when I want to look closer, to appreciate its beauty, another breeze comes blowing the downy tufts on its globular heads away. And I am only left with a few tufts. I frown. Suddenly, a thought springs to mind and that’s when I realise it. A wistful realisation. That’s how Ramadhan really is to us. It’s already the 12th now. Like the breeze that blew the beautiful yet frail dandelion away in a split second, ramadhan feels just like that. Time flies, blowing with it my precious yet unappreciated ramadhan. I squeeze my eyes shut at the realisation. My heart aching. What have I achieved so far?

Yes, we have set goals and targets we want to achieve for this Ramadhan but of all, our primary goal is to attain taqwa. To be concious of God in whatever we do. To be careful in our actions, speech and even thoughts. There is still time. There is still hope. Let’s make the best of our remaining days. And most importantly, may we stay steadfast in doing the deeds we do for this Ramadhan until we meet the next one.


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