What you focus on grows

Slowly I turn the focus ring to get a good shot of the ruins of of an old building and as I turn, the image sharpens. Click. Picture taken. I look around the building and see the extreme damage the earthquake had done to it. As I return home that day, I browse through my … Continue reading What you focus on grows


A fight I will not lose

It is a battle we are in With neither of us wanting to give in You made me think I am winning Only to realise you tricked me to losing You swore to me of your loyalty But now all I know is of your dishonesty Lies after lies Your sweet but empty promises I … Continue reading A fight I will not lose

A Just Leader

I stand in the thousands of crowd. My heart beats fast as I hear the faint sound that indicates the arrival of His Majesty. As I think of our leader who has ruled with justice, kindness and love, one who fears Allah SWT who would do what is right no matter what others say, it … Continue reading A Just Leader


  I close my eyes and breathe in the air. Fresh. The icy cold breeze blows gently caressing my face. I open my eyes to see the sun just rising up. ‘Alhamdulillah’, I whisper my gratitude to my Lord. The land stretches far to the horizon where the sun meets the grass. A few feet … Continue reading Dandelion


  That's it. I have made a decision. Standing right at the entrance, I decided to sneak through and head to that beautiful place. Protected by guards at night but I knew I just had to do it. I walk and look around to see if someone will stop me. A guard passes by but … Continue reading Healing

Keep Calm

I stare at the road ahead, driving slow along the high way. Too weak to press harder on the pedal. I will reach my destination anyway. But feeling weak isn't the main reason for my slow driving. It was what happened the night before that made me realise, sometimes slowing down (physically - be it … Continue reading Keep Calm