I search the whole world for a love so true, Only to have knives thrown at me, And it cuts me right through I searched for love in the crowds of people, I searched for one who stays through thick and thin, Only to return, disappointed, appalled, As they pushed me away and told me … Continue reading Love


An Apology


sakura tree
At the park under the shade of a tree
That’s where we met
You told me a story of a disheartened lady
And it proved what I read
I knew you lied
The smiles and happy act was nothing but a disguise
I looked straight into your eyes
And see that gray and black is the colour of your life
I knew right away what you needed
And so I chose to be the light
It was dark and cold, you’re stranded
And so I helped you through your darkest night
Weeks passed, and now you shine so bright
A beautiful soul within
I see you glow on the outside
Through the raging storm and hurricane
Months passed, and now we are apart
No more messages, no more calls
Neither you or me said that it will be hard
We coated the lie with pretense that…

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