‘You look pale,’ mum says to me. Creases form on her forehead, she looks at me with concern. ‘Look,‘ she says as she turns me to face a full-length mirror. In it, I see a girl. Her face white as powdered snow. She looks ever so fragile and frail. Like a porcelain, you would worry that … Continue reading Engaged


An Act of Kindess

I sit alone, outside the sports hall. To my left is the football field and ahead of me, the door leading to the sports hall. And from where I sit, I can hear the screeches of their shoes as they jump, run and catch the ball. Each player dancing in the court and I can … Continue reading An Act of Kindess

Keep Calm

I stare at the road ahead, driving slow along the high way. Too weak to press harder on the pedal. I will reach my destination anyway. But feeling weak isn't the main reason for my slow driving. It was what happened the night before that made me realise, sometimes slowing down (physically - be it … Continue reading Keep Calm


Assalamu'alaikum and hi! I was reading How To Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern. And I came across something which really got me thinking. "My sister Brenda said I was more interested in the idea of writing a book than actually writing it, because if I really wanted to write, I just would, every day, by … Continue reading Write!


  "Mistakes are expensive nowadays," she replied when I offered her my financial support. She made a mistake which costs her $75 as she needed to repay the owner of the car upon the damage that was done. Her reply left me speechless as I recalled a moment that happened a few years ago.. We … Continue reading Mistakes