I stare at my paper. The word neatly written, line by line. Equally spaced, keywords and main points I should remember are nicely highlighted. A minute pass then another. The words starts to blur as my mind takes me to a different world. I am sitting on a fluffy cloud, enjoying the breathtaking view of … Continue reading Zahra


Rest, dear soul

My head hurts. I am not sure what exactly it is but the pain starts at the centre radiating with a strong throb to my right side and slightly to my left. With the little energy I have left, I drag my feet to a nearby couch at the back corner of the mosque. "Allahu … Continue reading Rest, dear soul


  "Mistakes are expensive nowadays," she replied when I offered her my financial support. She made a mistake which costs her $75 as she needed to repay the owner of the car upon the damage that was done. Her reply left me speechless as I recalled a moment that happened a few years ago.. We … Continue reading Mistakes


    The night sky is already dense, and it is only 6.30pm. She is the last one out from the clinic. She releases a sigh of relief. It has been a tough day. Therapies, one after the other. It is a challenging job especially with the new patient she had today. She shudders at … Continue reading Give